What We Do Better?... We Customize!

We realize each association has different needs and we have made it our mission to assist Board Members with the demands of statutory compliance while offering the support an association deserves to create the community that you want to live in.

Five Star Administrative Staff

  • Informed Administrative staff to back up/support each Community Manager
  • Fewer departments allow Board Members to contact staff directly
  • Fewer ancillary charges
  • Complete, detailed Board Sheets & Board Books
  • Tenant Tracking
  • Vendor licensing/insurance requirements verified annually
  • Timely state filings
  • Newsletter
  • Timely mailings for Meeting notices & Special mailings
  • Detailed Property Inspections customized to meet property needs
  • Compliance noticing and tracking
  • Compliance photos
  • Courier Service
  • In house Gate Programming
  • No markup on outsourced printing
  • Access Control Database management
  • State of the Art violations and accounting software
  • Free Website in Real Time
  • Free Board training and educational seminars
  • Meeting facilities
  • Audio Recording
  • No markup on coupon books

    Superior Financial Management

  • Accounting Administration
  • Payment processing - Lockbox
  • Monthly Financial Reports completed by the 20th of the month
  • All checks are signed by the Board Members NOT management
  • All checks presented for signature include an invoice
  • Special check handling without extra charges
  • Daily electronic payment processing
  • Special accounting for lawsuits and construction defect at no extra cost
  • Settlement accounts
  • CD Renewal Scheduling
  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • No extra charge to the Association for Collection Management
  • Monthly collection account tracking and reporting

    Dedicated Community Managers

  • Licensed with the State of Nevada - Supervisory Licensed Managers
  • Annual Continuing education classes to maintain license
  • Managing an average of 6-10 Associations depending on size
  • Communications systems keep each manager within a 24 hour response time whether by phone, fax or email.
  • Each Board Member has the direct cell phone number of the Community Manager and the owner of the Company for immediate resolution of any concern large or small.
  • Board Packets available within 5 days of meeting date
  • Annual Calendars and Action Lists provided to the Board at each meeting
  • Minutes emailed within 7 days for Board review
  • Up to 12 meetings a year, plus the Annual & the Budget Ratification
  • Committee Management as needed
  • Drafting of documents
  • Insurance Claim processing
  • ADR processing